Vacuum Pump Repair Innovac services all major types of vacuum pumps, boosters and equipment. we furnish unbiased, strait-forward, cost effective vacuum pump repair. We evaluate and provide the service solutions which will best meet your company's needs and requirements.

Vacuum Gauges and Tubes Innovac carries a wide variety of vacuum gauges and tubes ranging from battery operated to 208 volts to measuring pressure from atmosphere (760 torr) to .001 torr (1 micron)

New Pump Sales Scroll Pumps, Piston pumps, Rotary Vane Pumps, Water ring Pumps, Dry Pumps and more. We have them all. For the right pump at the right price look no further then here.

Refurbished Vacuum Pumps We know how valuable a reliable spare pump can be. We stock a variety of pumps from all the different manufactures, styles, sizes and types.

Maintenance Supplies We carry everything you need to keep your vacuum pump equipment up an running. For all you oils, filters, fittings and clamp needs check here first.

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